Take Your Lash Game to the Next Level

Arrange for wispy eyelash extensions in Midland, TX

If you're looking for dramatic eyelash extensions with added flair, the wispy eyelash extensions at Love My Lavish Lashes LLC in Midland, TX can't be beat.

We style our eyelashes with:

  • Closed spikes
  • Closed fans
  • 3D to 6D volume fans

When you choose our wispy eyelash extensions, you'll get all the volume of a full lash with added pops of lash texture. Looking for other ways to step up your lashes? Ask us about adding glitter streaks to your dramatic eyelash extensions. Take advantage of our free consultations by scheduling an appointment now for wispy lashes.

Step into the spotlight

We promise that all eyes will be on you when you're sporting our dramatic eyelash extensions. Not sure how to style your new lashes? You can finalize your glam look with:

  • Bright lipstick
  • Bold eyeshadow
  • Dark eyeliner

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